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MY.SIZE Pro 45mm Condoms

Embark on a new level of comfort and intimacy with MY.SIZE Pro 45mm Condoms, specially tailored for those seeking a snug fit. These condoms, currently the smallest in our collection, are designed with precision to cater to individuals with a slim shaft.

Featuring straight walls and a nominal width of 45mm, these condoms provide a snug yet unrestricted fit, ensuring comfort during every intimate encounter. The shorter length further enhances the overall comfort, creating a seamless experience.

Crafted to make you feel intimately connected to your partner, MY.SIZE Pro 45mm condoms boast an ultra-thin profile of just 0.05mm. The exceptional heat transmission enhances the sense of intimacy, allowing you and your partner to revel in a wide range of sensations.

In line with the MY.SIZE Pro range, these condoms are made from natural rubber latex, making them a safe and vegan-friendly choice. Lightly lubricated with silicone-based lube, you have the option to add additional water or silicone-based lube for heightened glide. These condoms are suitable for all types of sexual activities, providing reliable protection against STIs.

Manufactured to the highest industry standards by R&S Consumer Goods, MY.SIZE Pro condoms undergo rigorous electronic testing for safety. They meet or exceed all European and British standards, ensuring a trustworthy and secure experience. Each condom is individually wrapped in dark green foil, featuring the CE mark for added reassurance.

Committed to ethical choices, MY.SIZE Pro condoms adhere to the ISO 140001 standard for environmental sustainability and the standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) for worker conditions.

Prioritise your pleasure and make an ethical choice with MY.SIZE Pro 45mm condoms. Available for order in packs of 10, or 36 condoms.



  • Width: 45mm
  • Thickness:  0.05mm


Product Details:

  • Brand: MY.SIZE Pro
  • Product Type: Condoms
  • Size: 45mm, Extra Small
  • Material: Natural Latex Condoms
  • Ethical: Vegan