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MY.SIZE Pro 57mm Condoms


Experience the perfect balance of length and width with MY.SIZE Pro 57mm Condoms. Tailored for those seeking a regular length with a slightly wider sheath, these condoms offer a generous width of 57mm – a notable improvement compared to the standard 53mm or 54mm offered by other brands.

Ideal for men requiring a regular size but desiring a wider condom, MY.SIZE Pro 57mm condoms are also an excellent choice for those using toys. Crafted from natural rubber (vegan) latex, these condoms are lightly lubricated with a silicone-based product, with the option to add extra water-based lube if desired.

The smooth and soft texture minimises irritation and maximises pleasure for both partners. With a thickness of only 0.06mm, MY.SIZE Pro 57mm Condoms deliver almost skin-on-skin sensations.

Odourless and tasteless, these condoms are perfect for all types of sexual activities. Rigorously electronically tested for safety, each condom is individually wrapped in an orange foil package marked with the CE symbol, ensuring compliance with European standards.

Adhering to stringent environmental standards (ISO 140001) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) guidelines, MY.SIZE condoms prioritise fairness to both people and the environment.

MY.SIZE Pro 57mm Condoms are available for purchase in packs of 10, or 36 condoms. Elevate your intimate experiences with the perfect combination of comfort, safety, and ethical responsibility.



  • Width: 57mm
  • Thickness: 0.06mm


Product Details:

  • Brand: MY.SIZE Pro
  • Product Type: Condoms
  • Size: 57mm, Regular
  • Material: Natural Latex Condoms
  • Ethical: Vegan