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MY.SIZE Pro 69mm Condoms


Indulge in a new level of comfort with MY.SIZE Pro 69mm Condoms – the perfect solution for those seeking an extra-large fit for enhanced safety and pleasure. If regular condoms feel tight or uncomfortable, sizing up with these XL condoms ensures a more enjoyable and secure sexual experience.

Tailored for those who need an extra-large size, MY.SIZE Pro 69mm Condoms offer the pleasure of safe sex with their ultra-thin and lightly lubricated design. With a mere 0.06mm thickness, these condoms provide a natural, skin-on-skin sensation, allowing you to feel your partner's warmth. Expect a width of 69mm and a length of 223mm for the perfect fit.

Crafted from natural rubber (vegan-friendly) latex, MY.SIZE Pro 69mm Condoms are devoid of latex smell or taste, making them suitable for all types of sexual activities.

Rigorously electronically tested for safety, each condom is individually wrapped in a purple foil marked with the CE symbol. The CE mark affirms their reliability and adherence to all EU regulations, providing peace of mind. Besides helping prevent STIs, MY.SIZE condoms serve as an effective form of contraception.

MY.SIZE Pro 69mm Condoms are available for purchase at in packs of 10, or 36 condoms, offering the perfect blend of comfort, safety, and satisfaction.


  • Width: 69mm
  • Length: 223mm
  • Thickness: 0.06mm


Product Details:

  • Brand: MY.SIZE Pro
  • Product Type: Condoms
  • Size: 69mm, Extra-Large
  • Material: Natural Latex Condoms
  • Ethical: Vegan